I’m ready to play!

    Graduating Class of

    What is the role you would like in this new band?

    T-Shirt Size and Style

    Instrument Played

    Instrument Needed
    Marching Band Attire: Blue Jeans and provided T-Shirt.

    Dance Team Attire: Black Leggings and provided T-Shirt.

    There will be a potluck after the rehearsal on Tuesday July 2nd.
    If you can, please attend.
    Attending? YesNoMaybe

    How many extra guests
    Number of guests

    Type of Dish

    Additional Support Offered.
    This is a pretty last minute affair, and well, we might be old alumni, but we do still work.
    So any extra help that you can give is appreciated.
    If there are any skills you would be willing to volunteer that would be most excellent.
    IT, Website, Contacting alumni, Graphics design, transportation, scrap book/photo collection, day of photography etc.
    Please, get in touch and let's build this out!

    I have an extra bed or couch someone can sleep on.

    I need a bed or couch to crash on.